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Sign now!California’s landmark environmental law, CEQA, has empowered communities to protect their health and safety since 1970. But right now, CEQA is under attack by several interest groups attempting to gut the law without debate or public input. More info.

We need your urgent help to save CEQA. Sign our open letter now.

An Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown and the California Legislature

We call on the members of the California legislature and Governor Jerry Brown to reject the latest proposals to gut California’s 40-year-old “environmental bill of rights.” Special interests are seeking to use the hardships caused by the national recession and the state’s ongoing budget woes to push through legislation that would dismantle the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The reality is that protecting public health, the environment and our own voice in our community is part of what makes California strong. Where some claim a false conflict between job creation and the protection of our environment and public health, we know that it is simply not true that to pick one will sacrifice the other. We know these claims and the timing of these proposals—at the very end of the state’s legislative process when options for public involvement are limited—do not benefit the average Californian.

As individuals and organizations concerned about public health, the environment and good government, we reject this latest, dangerous new wave of attacks on CEQA and ask you to join us.

We must defend the rights of ordinary Californians to safeguard their families and neighborhoods, and protect their communities from environmental hazards.


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